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Oh by the way, check out THE ANGLER where you can select the specific angle you want your moving average to change colors. Way COOL!

Having the ability to change the color of a moving average based on YOUR preset angles is revolutionary.

  • Select any up and down angle alert between 1 – 89 (down angle is a minus value, system automatically adjusts this)

  • Select any up and down angle release between 1 – 89

  • When these alert values are reached, the Moving Average Line changes from the neutral color you have chosen to the color you have chosen for up or down.

  • After any initial alert angle is reached, the Line will stay that color until the specified release angle is reached and the Line color will change back to neutral.

  • All of these alerts can be accompanied by a sound alert of your choice. Makes monitoring multiple charts easy.

  • The usual data sources can be selected: Open, High, Low, Close and some you may have never used. Example: That one price during the life of the bar (candlestick etc) that accumulated the most volume, commonly called the Point of Control (POC). We have developed a couple of our own you can use. One uniquely measures order flow at three levels and combines all 3 into one indicator we call the ThreeKings. Another measures price momentum at three levels and combines all 3 into one indicator we call ThreeCops.

  • But, hold onto your caps. You can also select any indicator that draws a line and apply Anlger attributes to it. BOP, Bollinger, Dochian Channel etc.

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